Free Your Mind, Free Your Life Course

4-week workshop series

All sessions are required as the training builds on itself


Every one of us has some form of "baggage" holding us back from achieving the big goals and dreams we hold for ourselves.  We define "baggage" as negative emotions and limiting beliefs that exist in the unconscious mind, undermining our conscious actions toward our dreams.

In this 4-week workshop series, you will learn what creates baggage as well as experience a powerful technique called Mental and Emotional Release® to eliminate past anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.  Then, with a "clean slate," you'll chart a course to a desired outcome (goal) and experience amazing support in fine tuning that outcome and actually putting it out into your future!

Our students rave about this class and create incredible value for themselves in this process.

This course may be repeated as participants only work on one specific area of life at a time.