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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro - the neurological processes of your brain

Linguistic - the language or communication

Programming - the default instructions or behaviors

NeuroLinguistic Programming, or NLP, provides practical ways in which you can change the way you think.  Using the language of the mind, NLP techniques allow you to shift perspective to gain and access valuable resources toward your goals.

At the Mindset Transformation Initiative, we believe in YOU.  We are committed to helping you uncover your blind spots and redirect your actions to the most positive, most effective path to your dreams.  We believe in teaching

you the techniques so you can take them into your own life and use them as you move forward.  You could say we believe in "teaching a man to fish."

We believe MINDSET is everything.

​Communication & Connection

2 day live course

Learn powerful NLP techniques that you can immediately apply in your communication!  Easily connect at a deeper level.  Gain the edge while utilizing hands-on experience with tools that will make

a huge impact in your world. 

Improve your results,

improve your life!

& Vision

2 day live course

Must have completed Communication & Connection course as pre-req

In this advanced course, gain valuable insight with relationships on every level - family, romantic, business and most importantly, relationship with self.  We'll take a deep dive into values, rewiring limiting beliefs and setting a vision for yourself with a clear cut roadmap for action.


Free Your Mind
Free Your Life

44 week workshop series

Let go and move at light speed!

 In this powerful live workshop, we will guide you through letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs to free your mind and free your life!

Using the trademarked Mental and Emotional Release Technique, you'll be able to move toward your dreams at light speed!! 



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